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Las Vegas Scene

The story goes that 12 years ago MC Bones gave 6Blocc a cassette tape with over an hour of freestyles and acapellas. The tape was apparently lost until now, where it’s been rediscovered, re-cut and laid on thick with some seriously smashing beats. “Vibes Music Drums” is a dark and sinister masterpiece of understated beats. Followed up with “Gunshot A Gwarn”, a dive into the dark recesses of 6Blocc’s mind with a shamanic dancehall vibe. Darkside amen smasher “Voices Of Xibalba” is a trip through the Mayan underworld, taking jungle to the rainforest with dripping, dense production and otherwordly tribal rhythms. Don’t get too drawn in though - you’ve got to wait for that insane rinseout at the two minute mark. A dancefloor smasher that’s stunning too - you can’t ask for more.

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